Erasmus and International guest students

EPHEC University College is pleased to welcome guest students from its partner institutions in the framework of :
     - the Erasmus+ mobility programme of the European Commission,
     - the Belgian Erasmus Belgica exchange scheme,
     - through various other particular bilateral agreements.

Please find herewith our International brochure in English


We invite our future guest students to learn more about the study opportunities we can offer in the following lines.

COURSE OFFER IN ENGLISH - Spring semester 2016-2017 

Develop your international Business skills in Brussels !





Our programme, « INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SKILLS », is fully taught in English by lecturers with past professional experience from industry.  It is a full course package where students can select modules for 30 ECTS.

You will be in the heart of Europe with a group of international students who will develop Business skills, People skills, European skills and Language skills

Of course students can also attend other courses from our regular course offer with a majority of courses in French but some in English as well.

Nominations are open until 1/12/2016 ! 

Please find hereunder some further information about the next semester at EPHEC, including the registration procedure. 


  1. Course programme : Introduction 
  2. Course programme : Practical information 
  3. Course programme : Course detail
  4. General information about the Spring Semester 2016/2017


More about social activities ad acculturation - Incoming Erasmus Students - spring 2017


Course offer in English - Fall semester 2017-2018 

The provisional exchange programme in English, « INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SKILLS » (subject to changes) for the FALL SEMESTER 2017-2018 is to be found hereafter :

Course detail Fall Semester 2017/2018

If you feel like planning an exchange study period with us next academic year (Fall and/or Spring semester), we invite you first to carefully read this information and the attached files.

  1. International Student Guide
  2. International Presentation

The Business Degree Courses are organized on both campuses as follows :

  •  Accounting : Brussels or Louvain-La-Neuve
  •  Marketing : Brussels or Louvain-La-Neuve
  •  International Trade : Brussels
  •  Law : Brussels
  •  E-Business : Brussels

The Information Technology degree is completely taught in French on our Louvain-la-Neuve campus.

The Automation & Electromechanical degrees is completely taught in French at our ISAT Schaerbeek campus



Your decision to come to Belgium and our University College will depend on your expectations in terms of :

  • study area,
  • number of ECTS credits and
  • language proficiency (English and/or French).


This will determine if you can or want to come here for the next Fall or Spring Semester.

Whatever your initial choice, we must draw your attention to the fact that your finalized programme will only be confirmed after your arrival at EPHEC after checking the latest revisions of degree course design, schedules and other practical constraints.

You will have the possibility to choose between :

  • Courses in English (only Erasmus modules)
  • Courses in English (Erasmus modules + regular modules)
  • Courses in French (regular modules)
  • Courses in French + courses in English

Special Module (Spring semester) :

Furthermore, we can offer you an alternative additional credits package in the Spring Semester by :

  1. Doing a fulltime and unpaid internship in a company (15 ECTS)
  2. Doing fulltime and unpaid internship in a company (15 ECTS) + related report (15 ECTS)

Click here for more information about the internship in a company (15 ECTS)


Please contact our International Relations Office :


  • The FALL Semester starts on 15th September and ends after the semester exams on 16st January. Semestrial exams will run between 7th January and 18st January.
  • The SPRING Semester starts on January 28st. It ends around 24th June. Semester exams will run between 30th May and 21th June. 


The modes of assessment vary for each regular course module. They include continuous assessment (individual tests, group project work…), oral and written exams. An exam can be either in written and/or oral form and is taking place on a fixed date.

Contrary to practice in some other countries, an exam date cannot be arranged by appointment with a teacher !

You will not be allowed to leave Belgium before the date of your last written or oral exam except in a case of absolute necessity and after informing the International Office.

Regular exam dates are indicated above. 



Late August / early September for the Fall and for the Spring Semester modules.

If you need to take a “second chance” for a subject you failed, you will have to contact our International Office at the latest :

  • end of April (for Fall semester modules) or
  • by 15 August (for Spring semester modules). 


We should first receive a message of OFFICIAL NOMINATION from your home institution stating that you have been selected. Free movers not nominated by their home institution will not been accepted

Then you are invited to :

  • send us an application letter (to have an idea of your motivation and expectations)
  • send us a CV with picture
  • complete the enclosed “Guest Student Info Sheet”
  • send us a project of “Learning Agreement” to have an idea of your intended & provisional study programme. 



Please send the documents to our International Office both by email ( and by regular post.

Online registration

The last step for you if to register online on

Online registration is compulsory and must be finalized before :

 Students who have not registered online by these dates will not be accepted.

 Class Schedules

For various organizational reasons, schedules of classes vary every study semester.

Small changes are likely to occur during the first weeks of the academic year or semester. We will finalise your final course menu and Learning Agreement when regular class schedules are confirmed available, at the latest 2 weeks after your arrival.

Currently, teaching periods at EPHEC last 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) and are spread :

 › over the morning (between 8.30 and 12.50) and

 › the afternoon (between 13.50 and 18.00) between Monday and Friday. 

 Arrival at EPHEC

It is recommended to arrive in Belgium a few days before the actual start of the academic semester :

  • around 8th September for the FALL SEMESTER
  • around 20th January for the SPRING SEMESTER

It will enable you to sort out your accommodation and get used to your new living environment.

We will send all nominated guest students a message a few weeks before the start of the academic year or semester to fix an appointment with our International Officer ( and to invite you to participate in our Welcome Meeting & activities. 


If you need other specific information, e.g. about all regular modules from our various Degree Programmes taught in French, check other info on or contact us.


 Important Notice: our College is closed in the following academic holiday periods :

  • Christmas break : 2 weeks
  • Easter break : 2 weeks
  • Summer Holiday : from 1st July 1 to 15th August 

So do not expect to receive any answer to your correspondence during those periods !


In the meantime, you can find additional info in the enclosed files :

If you want to upload our International Guide in French… voici notre présentation internationale et notre guide international en version française.

We hope to see you soon in Belgium !


 Contact us at :

International Office

Avenue Konrad Adenauer 3