Our Institution of Higher Education is open to the world and fully subscribes to the Bologna process.

Harmonizing our curricula with those of our numerous partner institutions abroad has enabled us to promote incoming and outgoing mobility but also to improve the quality of our teaching thanks to positive confrontation.

International students will be able, thanks to these international pages, to get acquainted with Ephec and to know how they might spend some part of their studies with us.

Likewise, Ephec students are provided with information about our partners and advised about how to join an Erasmus or Erabel exchange programme, as well as a few exchange schemes outside Europe.

Our institution has been granted an extended Erasmus University Charter under the ERASMUS + EU programme (for the period 2014-2020).

Charte erasmus 2014-erasmus policy statement-he ephec

Charte erasmus+ he ephec 2014-2020