February - June

We offer attractive programmes for exchange students. Each of these programmes are worth 30 ECTS and are organized with a hands-on pedagogical approach.

3 different programmes are offered during the Spring Semester.

If you are coming for a full academic year and combine 2 programmes, please note that you are not allowed to combine INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT and WORKING WORLD WIDE, as there are redundant/duplicated courses in both packages. Should you wish to choose INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (Fall semester), we invite you to select the GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT programme in the Spring semester.


The world is rapidly and profoundly changing. Uncertainty has become the norm, and challenges have emerged on a global scale. Businesses have the ability and the duty to answer these challenges. This programme will allow you to immerse yourself in a truly global experience alongside international classmates. Expert teachers in various international fields will help you to get prepared for tomorrow’s international challenges.

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Would you like to understand its economy but also the various institutions? Would you like to get inside the lobbies existing in Brussels? Would you also like to improve your soft skills and master cross-cultural communication? Then join the programme in European Affairs, Business and Economics! You will not only know all the facts and figures about the EU Institutions, you will also be feeling them.

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Would you like to understand the different legal, commercial, logistic and financial aspects of sustainable development? This programme welcomes students from Business, Finance and Law degrees. Thanks to a theoretical input, students will be able to formulate recommendations to a European company that strives to become more sustainable. Students will thus be able to experience a ‘real project’, with clients, constraints and risks, a specific budget and a diverse team.

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