A hands-on pedagogical approach

In our pedagogical approach a thorough understanding of theoretical principles is blended with innovation, in a hands-on practical education, thanks to small classes. Collaboration, practice, professionalism and entrepreneurship are the essence.

Strong links with the professional world

EPHEC has strong relationships with leading companies (profit & non-profit) and work integrated learning is part of every degree offered. Students are experienced in their fields before they graduate.

An entrepreneurial mindset

We stimulate and encourage entrepreneurship through our pedagogical model. Hard skills and soft skills, with a focus on the 4 C’s Creativity – Collaboration - Communication and Critical thinking are developed by our practical learning environment. Some students are young entrepreneurs and start a business during their studies thanks to the status of student entrepreneur. As Dylan Van Heulenberghe (founder of « Croc’Box » which offers healthy snacks for children) states : "I started my business at the same time as my EPHEC course modules, it wasn’t the easiest decision but the most rewarding. In addition to giving you the skills needed to create your project, it also brings us a network."

An international dimension

Our international dimension covers
 • 200 international academic partnerships spread all over the world;
• Outgoing and incoming students & staff mobility with an increasing number of participants;
• Short international programmes;
• International research projects;
• COIL projects;
• Membership of several European or international associations (BUSINET, NIBS, EAIE, NAFSA, …);
• Internships worldwide.

Our Institution fully subscribes to the Bologna process and has been granted an Erasmus University Charter under the ERASMUS + scheme of the European Commission.

Our policy statement can be found here.

Double degree and articulation programmes have been developed to offer students the opportunity to obtain 2 or 3 degrees by studying a complete academic year in a partner institution in another language.

Research and development

EPHEC aims to conduct research which is closely linked to our teaching areas. We seek collaboration and co-creation with our local and international public and professional partners from business and government.


Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. (Brundtland Report, 1987)

EPHEC is convinced that, by integrating the values of corporate responsibility and sustainability in its teaching, research and governance, it will open doors for a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow. To this end, EPHEC is committed to the United Nations Global Sustainable Goals.

All bachelor degrees include course modules and practical cases encouraging students to reflect on and contribute to solutions for local and/or global problems.

Interdisciplinary projects have been launched like:

- CSR on the road: an International Week aiming to make students suggest a sustainable strategy for a company.
- Global Sustainable Management Programme: a full semester taught in English (30 ECTS), welcoming students from Business, Finance and Law degrees, in which students will have a theoretical input enabling them to formulate recommendations to a European company that strives to become more sustainable.