Our vision

Our Academic Institution wants to promote the development of individuals and society while being recognized for the expertise of our staff in the education and professional training of citizens that can play an active and entreprising role in society, upon starting and throughout their careers, at a local and at an international level.




Our values


Our priority is to keep the individual at the center of all concerns in a human-sized institution.


Consideration for everyone regardless of all differences as well as adherence to rules and procedures.

Accountability and empowerment

Trusting the ability of students to take responsibility for reaching their objectives autonomously.


The specificities of each person and their mission is considered.


Our course programmes are constantly adapted to be in line with the profiles looked for by professionals.


The will to succeed individually and collectively in what we undertake

Our mission

EPHEC University College has been aiming for 50 years to develop not only the students’ technical skills but also their strong soft skills – creativity – cooperation – active listening – problem solving – decision making - …, in order to ensure a life-long employability.


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