EPHEC organizes 7 different short international programmes.  We call most of them International Weeks. Some of these programmes are organized in the BIP (=Blended Intensive Programmes) format which means that a virtual component is added to the programme.

What is an International Week?

International Weeks create a challenging environment for students as they will be working on projects in international groups, mixing as many nationalities as possible.

Participating in such a programme enables students to

  • Communicate efficiently in English
  • Demonstrate the ability to function in an intercultural environment
  • Engage and collaborate in an interdisciplinary team
  • Demonstrate project management skills in a team environment
  • Evaluate and apply new technical skills and method

2 or 3 ECTS (in case of BIP's) are given upon completion of the programme.

Curious about these weeks? Would you like to know more about what you can get out of participating in these weeks? Then watch the video below!

An International Week in 3 words


Our International Weeks in 2023-2024

Brussels, 23 October week

BIP International negotiation - Doing business with emerging markets [EPHEC BUSINESS]

Brussels, 4 February week

BIP Building a phone-controlled kart from scratch: programming and mechanical skills [EPHEC Tech]

Brussels, 25 February week

BIP Transforming a business model for a sustainable future [EPHEC Business]

Brussels, 17 March week

BIP Lobbying & Networking in Brussels [EPHEC Business]

BIP Bring a practical solution for Bertinchamps Beers marketshare [EPHEC BUSINESS]

Brussels, 7 April week

BIP Managing a supply chain through gamification [EPHEC BUSINESS]

Louvain-la-Neuve (30km South of Brussels), 14 April week

BIP Drive your business with relevant KPIs [EPHEC BUSINESS]

BIP How to optimize the marketing plan of a Belgian brewery? [EPHEC BUSINESS]