What is an International Week?

International Weeks create a challenging environment for students as they will be working on projects in international groups, mixing as many nationalities as possible.

Participating in such a programme enables students to

  • Communicate efficiently in English
  • Demonstrate the ability to function in an intercultural environment
  • Engage and collaborate in an interdisciplinary team
  • Demonstrate project management skills in a team environment
  • Evaluate and apply new technical skills and method

In the past months, we have learned to spice up the organization of these weeks through virtualization.  The expertise developed will enable us to offer an improved experience thanks to a unique app allowing participants to find all the practical information: speakers, programs, etc. It will also enable to chat among themselves in order to maintain contact, despite the distance!

EPHEC buddies will help guest students feel at home.

All the subjects of the various weeks are related to the degree programmes. 2 ECTS will be given for participation in the projects.

Curious about these weeks? Would you like to know more about what you can get out of participating in these weeks? Then watch the video below!

A face-to-face International Week in 3 words



Our International Weeks in 2021-2022

Louvain-la-Neuve, 21 February week

BusIT Week: Iot solution for nature and biodiversity

Business: Drive your business with relevant KPIs

Marketing: How to develop sustainable projects in the Belgian Beer sector?

Brussels, 14 March week

Marketing: Circular Economy in Decathlon business

Business: Use your creative mindset to help a Belgian family brewery to sustain its growth

Lobbying & Networking in Brussels: a puzzle or a maze?

CESIM Global Challenge: Virtual Business Game

Brussels, 21 March week

BusIT Week: From pedal car to phone-controlled vehicle

Supply Chain Week: the Fresh Connection