Develop your soft and technical skills whilst working in an international environment

HE EPHEC University College organises Short International programmes, called International Weeks.  

These weeks create a challenging environment for students as they will be working on projects in international groups, mixing as many nationalities as possible.

Participating in such a programme enables students to

  • Communicate efficiently in English
  • Demonstrate the ability to function in an intercultural environment
  • Engage and collaborate in an interdisciplinary team
  • Demonstrate project management skills in a team environment
  • Evaluate and apply new technical skills and method

EPHEC buddies will help guest students feel at home.

All the subjects of the various weeks are related to the degree programmes. 2 ECTS will be given for participation in the projects.

HE EPHEC organizes the following weeks:

We hope to welcome you in one of these international experiences !

Any questions?  Contact Mrs Barbara Brooijmans, Director International Relations

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