Global & sustainable challenges in the beer sector (5 ECTS)

The role of beer in its economic, environmental and societal context (organized in virtual mode)


Dear students, we regret to inform you that our EPHEC 2021 (virtual) summer school has to be cancelled.  
We thank you for your interest and hope to see you next year at EPHEC for the 2022 edition!


VIRTUAL MODE: Monday 23/08 until Sunday 29/08/2021


This 7-Day programme will offer participants a unique opportunity to explore the global and sustainable developments & challenges at stake in an industry that covers many aspects of a business (Marketing & Sales, Finance, Law, Logistics, production, social responsibility, etc) and which generates 2 million jobs in Europe.


It is intended for students in Business, Law, Finance or Technical fields willing to boost their skills and enhance their knowledge of a strategic sector through its Social Responsibility and global challenges of today and tomorrow.

« Connect planet & people »

Sustainable entrepreneurship & Social responsibility

The Brewers operate in a responsible business sector that works with natural products, therefore they aim to have a positive impact on society, people and the planet.  

For many years breweries have encouraged sustainable practices in their brewing processes, in supply chains, and in how beer is consumed and enjoyed.

Beer & Economy

The total contribution of beer to employment is over 2.3 million jobs in the EU28 (around 1% of total EU employment) and the brewing sector generates 50 billion euros in government tax revenues, which makes it a major contributor to the economy.

Belgian brewers export 70% of their production (more than the average of European brewers).

Programme at a glance

The programme combines:

  • lectures/testimonies led by professionals,  
  • individual and group assignment,  
  • study and company visits,
  • social/cultural activities/visits (brewing workshops, tastings, visit of the Parlementarium, etc)

Pedagogical challenges & assignments

Participants will receive 5 credits (ECTS) upon successful completion of the programme.
  • INDIVIDUAL POSTER SESSION : Participants will be invited to prepare and present a « poster » showing a selected brewing company (from own country of origin or studies) and its global and sustainable activities/developments.
  • GROUP CHALLENGE : By groups of 4 students (from different nationalities), based on the skills and knowledges acquired during the lectures & field visits, students will work together with the objective of making recommendations to/for a chosen brewing company on « how to improve its global and sustainable performance ».

Develop technical skills

  • Understand the global and sustainable challenges at stake in an industry that covers many aspects of a business (Marketing & Sales, Finance, Law, Logistics, production, social responsibility, etc).
  • Learn how to work in team on making recommendations to/for a chosen company on how to improve its sustainable activities.

Develop soft skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Decision making capacity
  • Networking
  • Communication

Work in an international environment 

  • Work in international teams with students from different institutions over the world 
  • Develop a better intercultural understanding 
  • Practice your English 

Have fun

  • Teambuilding activities
  • Social activities
  • Beer tasting/brewing workshops
  • etc.



Bank account name: EPHEC asbl
Bank name: Fortis banque
IBAN: 37 2100 89664428


The fee to participate to this Summer School (virtual mode) is 170€/student (of which 50€ should be paid in advance).


    Registrations are open until June 18th, 2021. They will be handled on a "first come, first served" basis. In order to promote the international aspect of the event, the number of participating students is limited to 5 per institution.

    Unfortunately, this year's edition has been cancelled


    For further information, please contact Mr Frédéric Simonis :