For accommodation, students have to find a room on the private market. EPHEC University College does not have its own student dormitories.

Students are invited to look for a room by themselves. If necessary we can (or the Students’ Union) provide some assistance upon arrival.

You are also invited to contact former or current guest students for advice and maybe even take over the room they are renting for the moment.

A room on the private market will usually cost between 350 and 400 Euro. Staying at a youth hostel might be necessary for a few days : see the addresses in our “International Student Guide”.


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You can also  find a room on

Spotahome is the online housing booking platform on the mid to long term. All the properties have been verified by one of our Home Checkers who takes photos, a video tour, a floor plan and a full description of the property. EPHEC students get a 25% discount on the booking fees!